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Les mélomanes du 21ème siècle vont être heureux ! Organisé par Audio Concept, l’Abbaye de Neumünster accueillera le 3ème « LUXEMBOURG HIFI SHOW », dédié entièrement à la hifi haut de gamme.

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Six salles seront à disposition, dans lesquelles les amateurs de bon son s’y retrouveront. Des marques prestigieuses « high-end » choisies parmi les must du moment. Naim Audio, Unison Research, Magico, Sonus Faber, Odeon, Rega et bien d’autres seront présentes pour vous amener vers une émotion musicale hors du commun.

Informations pratiques : Quand ? - Le vendredi 24 novembre 2017 de 17:00 à 21:00. - Le samedi 25 novembre 2017 de 10:00 à 18:00 (sans interruption).

Où ? - À l’Abbaye de Neumünster 28 Rue Münster, 2160 Luxembourg.

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Uniti by Naim Inspired by our unfaltering passion for music and enabled by 40 years’ tireless innovation in engineering, we introduce Uniti by Naim – our most advanced all-in-one music streaming platform. Combining seamless digital technology with a rich analogue soul, you can play, rip and store your entire music collections. Uniti allows you to command all your music in one place and play with a deep, immersive sound.


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Find inspiration for your own home by browsing through our Inspiration page. If you have a clic set-up at home please send a photo of it to us. If we choose to upload it on this page, we will thank you by sending you a nice bottle of wine.


The ideas for the clic modules arose when the man behind clic, Mike Fabricius, was unable to find a thoroughly thought out piece of furniture to meet his demands of presenting av equipment. The market was not able to deliver pieces of furniture that would meet the mere practical needs without compromising the design. “Most sound systems are created to please your ears and not your eyes. And those pleasing your eyes, have often ignored your ears. clic originated from the idea of creating a luxurious piece of high quality furniture that hides what needs to be hidden and to present music or movie systems with a clear sense of style. Hide sound systems, cables, subwoofer, software, game consols and everything else you need hidden – and let sound and design capture the room.” Mike Fabricius

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In 2016, a new chapter of the Sonus faber history has been written with the re-born of the most pioneering project that marked our history.... Sf16 is the first “all-in-one” integrated audio system that provides 1400W of powerful performances and a truly easy installing mode and usability. According to the highest tradition of Sonus faber, Sf16 is also an elegant piece of furniture with a deep luxury appeal. Imagine a complete hi-fi system that can actually “feel” the atmosphere of your music room: if you are relaxing alone, or if there is a huge party going on, Sf16 can modulate its power and expression to transform your place...


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September 7, 2016
Alex Röser from Audio Test has no doubt about the new Principia high end loudspeakers: the quality has no compromises!

The author of the review that you can read inside the June issue made a test on a couple of Principia 1 high end loudspeakers and immediately highlights the strong likeness with Chameleon B, besides the interchangeable side panels substituted by monochrome black finish.

According to Röser, Principia 1 satisfy in both depth and width room management, despite their small dimensions. Satisfying regarding medium frequencies reproduction, these speakers are judged very good regarding the return on low and high frequencies.

Principia high end loudspeakers persuade thanks to the price, as they are the new entry level of the Sonus faber world; they convince even more, since the lower price does not mean a lower quality.

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Perfectly matched materials meet patented Clearaudio technology. The 38mm-thick platter of the Innovation Compact consists of dynamically balanced polyoxymethylene (POM) and is powered by a high-torque DC motor with precision bearings, developed exclusively for Clearaudio. The optimally designed chassis keeps resonances out of the audible range and guarantees maximum stability in a housing made of a massive panzerholz (bulletproof wood) and aluminum sandwich. Timeless design with quality built to last for decades. The option to mount a second tonearm makes it possible to play a rich variety of music from across the decades.

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S1 Mk II

At first glance the S1 Mk II may appear similar to its predecessor. However, it is entirely redesigned, and incorporates distilled elements of our most recent and ground breaking engineering accomplishments. The design platform of the S1 Mk II features core technologies that are unique to Magico –an all aluminum enclosure, and proprietary driver design that outperforms any other driver available today.

The monocoque enclosure of the S1 Mk II is formed from a single piece of extruded aluminum that is 3/8" thick and 12" in diameter. The slender enclosure is supported internally by a new innovative bracing technique along with advanced damping materials and glues that minimize resonance and maximize structural rigidity and stability. A massive new top plate is machined into an elegant 3D convex shape to minimize enclosure diffraction and break-up vertical standing waves.




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The original PrimaLuna integrateds, the ProLogue One and Two, have reached cult status and are now a collectible that will no doubt be iconic in the years to come. Some are going so far as to call them "The Marantz 8B of our time". The multi-award winning ProLouge One was in a recommended system called "Tube Nirvana" by The Absolute Sound's Robert Harley. Stereophile's Art Dudley stated "Lustily, heartily, and enthusiastically...recommended." The ProLogue Two was loved the world over in review after review.

Innovative Adaptive AutoBias A PrimaLuna exclusive. If anybody tells you that they have auto bias, ask them precisely how. It's most likely not true. As with all PrimaLuna amps, you never have to worry about biasing your amp ever again, and the need for matched tubes is eliminated. Just plug in a myriad of different tubes including EL34, KT88, or KT120 (the cage must be left off to use KT120) and AAB does the rest while improving sound quality. Tubes are constantly monitored and kept in their best operating range, reducing distortion by up to 50%

Specifiaction : 

Output: 35 watts x 2 EL34, 40 watts x 2 KT88, 44 watts x 2 KT120 (KT150 Not Compatible) Freq. Response: 10Hz-65kHz +/- 3dB THD: Less than 1% at full power S/N Ratio: 89 dB Input Sensitivity: 285mV Power Consumption: 285 watts Dimensions: 11 " x 7.5" x 15.5" (WxHxD) Weight: 37.5 lbs Inputs: 4 pair RCA Outputs: 4 and 8 Ohm speaker taps Standard Tube Compliment: 2 - 12AX7, 2 - 12AU7, 4 - EL34

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Tonearm Brand new RB110 tonearm built with the new Rega designed, bespoke, zero play bearings with ultra-low friction performance (Patent Pending).

New bias assembly and integrated arm clip. Includes automatic bias adjustment negating the need for the user to set bias, making this the most ‘Plug & Play’ turntable we have ever manufactured. New ergonomically, re-designed and stiffer headshell for improved usability and appearance. Cartridge Rega Carbon cartridge supplied fitted as standard.

24v synchronous motor The first entry level Rega turntable to use a 24v, synchronous AC motor with a new motor PCB and aluminium pulley offering low noise and better speed stability. Plinth Brand new Thermoset, gloss laminated plinth with vastly improved appearance and new ergonomically positioned on/off switch located on the underside.

Two stunning plinth finishes available, gloss black and gloss white. Central Bearing housing Re-designed brass main bearing, offering improved fit and removing stress on the bearing itself whilst minimising the transfer of potential energy. (Patent pending) Platter Brand new, 23mm, higher mass, phenolic platter with improved flywheel effect for improved speed stability. Re-Designed feet New improved feet to increase stability and reduce vibration transfer. Motor cover tray New motor cover tray with integrated cooling.